When it comes to making your production more economical and efficient with state-of-the-art automation technology, we are your contact.

We are driven by creativity, expertise, experience and the constant pursuit of perfection. We design, manufacture and assemble machines that fulfil your wishes and ideas. They relieve you and make your business processes more transparent and progressive.

The use of fully or semi-automatic automation systems and special machines opens up completely new perspectives for you in terms of quality management, productivity and sales. It is not without reason that we place individually developed special machines with our satisfied customers in all countries of the world.

Packaging line for the tobacco industry

Semi-automatic packaging machine with two-part feed, push-in mechanism and individually manufactured control panel

Rotary transfer machine F24

The F24 transfer machine is our idea of an integrated, fully developed mass production machine.

To ensure that F24 can meet your expectations of such a system, we have developed it with expert knowledge and put it through its paces. Already during the planning phase, we involved our customers in large-scale production and incorporated their wishes and experience into the development.

During the last development steps, we integrated F24 into existing production facilities and were thus able to optimize weak points and specifically promote strengths. The result is a cost-efficient transfer system with individual expandability and impressive production figures. And with an experienced development team in the background.

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