External repetitive manufacturing

In case of bottlenecks in the machinery or spatial restrictions, you can rely on Feinmec Solutions GmbH as your reliable production location.

Why not outsource production processes decentrally? Increase the operational elasticity and benefit from our extensive machinery, consisting of milling machines, rotary transfer machines, lathes and grinding machines.

A large number of our customers rely on the careful and professional production in our company. When can we start for you?

Volume production

Profitable. Flexible. Exact.

External series production at Feinmec Solutions GmbH

Based on your requirements, we carry out temporary or permanent series production in our company. You enjoy total flexibility in doing so: you can commission us for fixed quantities or call up the required contingent dynamically as required.

Our sophisticated production concept, which defines the flexible planning of machine occupancy and staff deployment, guarantees specified deadlines and the highest level of quality.


Certified good

Process-safe manufacturing operations, state-of-the-art measuring techniques, an integrated CAQ system and regular internal audits guarantee the high manufacturing quality of Feinmec Solutions GmbH.

Feinmec F24
SPS: Mitsubishi FX 3U-80M

Mikron Multistar
SPS: Mitsubishi A2ACPU-S1

Mikron Multistep 1
1 Modul, SPS: Indramat RMK12.2

Mikron Multistep 2
2 Module, SPS: Indramat RMK12.2

hydraulic system

drilling, reaming
milling, grinding
degreasing / washing